Angelika Richter


Growing up in Poland surrounded by the serene beauty of Szczecin architecture, I developed a love for art at a very young age. As a young adult I remained in Poland to complete my Masters in Art. After finishing University, I traveled to New York City for a summer and quickly fell in love with the culture, energy and diversity that only NYC can offer. I decided to stay in the US and pursue what is commonly known as the “American Dream.” This commitment led to years of work, learning a new language, overcoming many obstacles and creating a whole new life for myself in the big city. When the unfortunate battle with Covid took over the country, I was forced to stay home- yet discovered an unexpected beauty and tranquility within that time and began to paint with renewed inspiration.

Currently I specialize in oil paint abstract compositions with a twist of 24K gold, and feel particularly inspired by nature. Some of my main inspirations are Picasso and Gustav Klimt, and am equally influenced by my travels around the world. I find myself constantly creating and evolving stylistically, and am thrilled to share my new creations with the world!