CAM (Craig Anthony Miller)

Artist Statement:

“My work can be seen as a moving meditation on the very nature of transformation and the notable significance of challenge as a rites of passage to sacred change.

Concerned with how we ultimately face the difficulties of life, my work offers visual cues that remind us of the fortitude of our humanity and inherent capacity to face, navigate and ultimately transcend all limitations.

My art combines my early fascination with stained glass and the energy of the urban landscape with symbols of freedom, strength, resilience and wellbeing. Using animal totems, religious symbols, spiritual philosophies, sacred texts, and folklore, I create abstract figurative works of art that document the important movements of life; getting up, taking flight, standing strong and more.

My works, in the form of paintings, graphic design, and art direction represent visual mantras that inspire hope, evoke aspiration, and encourage freedom from the norm.” – CAM


Artist Biography:

Craig Anthony Miller (CAM) (b. 1971) was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He received his BFA in graphic design from Saint Johns University in Queens, New York. His professional graphic art practice gave way to his natural transition into painting. The opportunity to share his creative process at a live painting event on the Lower East Side in 1996 was the first in a series of events that would lead him to shift his focus primarily to painting. 

Working primarily in acrylic and aerosol paints, both in studio and public spaces, CAM has created a series of paintings and murals that combine the style of stained glass and the energy of the urban landscape with symbols of freedom, strength, resilience and well-being.

Based in Dumbo since 2004, CAM and his art have become a recognizable staple within the community. Community service and giving back is an integral part of CAM’s work and life. He contributes his time and talent to give back to local public schools in Brooklyn. CAM participates and donates his works to annual fundraising events for underfunded schools, and gives his time to reach, mentor and help cultivate young artists. 

CAM has created various popular murals throughout NYC, Connecticut, and Florida. He targets Meditation and Mindset with personal quotes intended to remind all who see it to “Always Be Mindful Of Your Ability to Fly” and to “Keep your Head To Your Crown.” 

CAM’s earlier works focused on the ‘Warrior Within’, and he has always reminded viewers to persevere through their personal battles in search of self-mastery and healing. Productions of work feature the Hindu Deity Lord Ganesh, as well as birds- a popular symbol for freedom of flight. “UpFLOW” is a more recent series featuring the iconic Koi fish, known for their extraordinary movement upstream, that explores courage, resolve, and rebirth. The “Pursuit of Nectar” series- represented by the hummingbird- holds many positive symbolic interpretations, making it another very effective totem.  

As a curator for many years, CAM has presented over 200 artist on a grass root platform focused on bringing light to emerging artists alongside mid-career and established artists and veterans. The summer of 2022 was the 3rd installation of “The 60 Collective” group exhibition, co-created and co-curated by CAM and Frankie Velez, with Josiane Lysius as the executive producer.