Eddy Bogaert


Eddy Bogaert (b. 1985, New York, NY) is a mixed media neo-pop artist who specializes in acrylic paint and resin. He describes his works as a “chaotic balance” between the sublime and the sinister times of his life. His work displays contrasting aesthetics of bright and dark colors that convey the layers and contradictions of humanity. In addition to his 2D works, he also applies an augmented reality technique to many of his canvases, which quite literally makes his pop-art “pop-out” to the viewer with the use of specialized 3D glasses.

Prior to becoming an artist, Bogaert was a fashion model for top modeling agencies such as Wilhelmina, Red Models and Q Models. After one of his late night shoots, Bogaert happened to walk past a well known gallery in Soho NYC, and was immediately inspired by the art displayed. At that very moment he decided to become a full-time visual artist, and literally picked up a piece of discarded plywood outside the gallery and began painting that night. Bogaert has been pursuing his passion ever since.

Bogaert’s works have been featured in numerous art galleries, as well as countless pop-up art shows throughout the United States. His works have been the centerpiece of shows during Miami Art Basel, and in 2017 he was given the opportunity to paint and display his work on a Lamborghini owned by a Saudi-prince.

In addition to the U.S, his works have been featured in art shows in the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Brazil, and Ukraine. Like his upbringing, his mixed media artworks reflect a cosmopolitan element, high-fashion, the glamorous nightlife, and pop-culture.


“Sex, lust, desire, high fashion, and a tumultuous young life are the main motifs of my work. I didn’t have the easiest upbringing, but my experiences are what I illustrate through my brushstrokes and artistic impulse.With engaging colorful hues and gestural abstraction, I seek to inspire young artists to come forth no matter their upbringing or background; to foster their creative spirit and overcome challenges through imaginative expression. To me, art is where the heart is and it’s where I make my stand. I am inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and the experimental artists of the ‘80’s- the decade into which I was born. I somehow feel like their artistic pulse was transmitted to me through osmosis during my New York City infancy.

The chaos of the eighties and its various expressions often make their way onto my canvases. My mixed media pieces draw on various inspirations; for example, my “Playboy” triple image is in part an homage to Warhol’s Pop Art Factory of the ‘60’s. “Pop” in fact has an image of the master himself, embedded in the corner- juxtaposed with Mickey Mouse- while Basquiat “pops” up in “Untitled.” I feel like the past masters are always hanging around, waiting to be channeled. My art also depends upon my mood and the colors at hand. “Meditation” is a bit pensive and serious, while “Playboy” is a more whimsical, and “Inward Stair” engages some deeper tones to extend the metaphor of my own probing inward journey as a creative being.”


2015- Group Show, RAAWART, Paris, France
2015- AAF-Amsterdam, VK Gallery, The Netherlands
2016- LURIXS Contemporary Art Group Show, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2017- ”Spring ….”, Group Show, VK Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2017- Bloomingdale department solo exhibition
2018- Group show- BM gallery, Wynwood, Miami
2018- Group Show, Black Cat Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2018- Solo show: “Sex, lust, desire, high fashion,”VK Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2019- Group Show, George Berges,New York City
2019- Galerie Montaigne, solo show Los Angeles
2019- Group show, Salomon gallery NYC
2020- Solo show – Apple gallery, NYC
2021- Group show -grand opening gallery, Wynwood, Miami
2023- Group show – Society Fine Art Gallery- Miami Beach