ETTE ART | Painter

TAYLOR ETTE | Fashion Architect


Taylor studied graphic design and advertising at Michigan State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2017. Creative talents were always abundant within Taylor, a passion she shared deeply with her late Nana.

Inspired to pick up a paint brush shortly after graduating college, Taylor discovered a raw talent. This genius continues to grow and develop as she uses paint to bring energy into the physical form.

It should be known that ETTE is derived from a nickname her Nana gave her as a child, Taylorette. It is believed that all of her grandmother’s artistic talents live on within ETTE. To attest to this statement, Taylor grew up right-handed, but now paints exclusively with her left hand- her Nana’s dominant hand.

ETTE ART and TAYLOR ETTE are one and the same. Original paintings are created by ETTE ART only to be created again on clothing and other merchandise by TAYLOR ETTE. TAYLOR ETTE also creates original outfits with clothing from days gone by.



Lansing Art, Michigan Collegiate Art Exhibition, Lansing, MI


Red Room Gallery
Los Angeles, CA Hosted by Lucy Ford

Risk Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


NYA, Manhattan, NY

Paks Gallery, Modern Art Masters Complex du Louvre Paris, France


Triangle Loft, Solo Show
Manhattan, NYC
About Studio World x RAYS
Art Basel
Miami, FL