Loy Luo

Loy Luo is a Chinese artist based in New York. She received a Master’s Degree from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 2010 and taught art at the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Management from 2010 to 2012.

Though Luo’s main focus has been painting and sculpting, she is also a conceptual and performance artist, poet, vocalist and writer. Her art has been exhibited & collected in China, Italy, France and the US, as well as Germany, Belgium, Sweden & Australia.

Solo Exhibitions:

2021,  “Window Book” and the “Window Bian” Solo Exhibition ( Mana Contemporary Open House) ;

2020,“Homeless” Solo Exhibition (Undercurrent gallery, New York, America);

2020,“The Other I -The Me in Others” Solo Exhibiong( WhiteBox Harlem, New York, America);

2020,“Who is the Me’”online show  (Funspace Art Center, Roma, Italy)

2018,“Stillness” Painting and Sculpture Solo Exhibition   ( Beijing Jindu Art Center ,Beijing);

2016,“Dance Together” Solo Exhibition( Fun Space Gallery, Rome, Italy)

2015,“Suspending” Painting and Sculpture Solo Exhibition  (Ning Space Gallery, Beijing 798, China).

Art Fairs & Group Shows:

2022, Autumn Harmony, Legend Art Exhibition of American Chinese Artists (Museum of Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Philadelphia, USA)

2022, The Maverick Expo Edition#13 (New York)

2021, “Conversation with Artist Loy Luo” online ( International Association of Female Artists, USA )

2021,Hongjiang International Intelligent Education Forum and Contemporary Digital Art Exhibition(Guangxi, China)

2021, Miami “Satellite Art Fair” (Miami)

2021, “Perfect Day,Drugs and Art”(White Box, New York, );

2019, The Beijing Flash Biennale (China );

2019, The Logical Lines of Painting-Invitation Exhibition on Making and Significance( the Shouzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Jiangsu, China, );

2018, The San Venanzio Architecture Exhibition (Rome, Italy);

2016, Poetry, Medium Domain-China Contemporary Abstract Sculpture Art Exhibition (China World National Culture Exchange Promotion Association and Sculpture Magazine,Beijing, China );

2016, Drunk Art in the Micro Particle (Sanlitun, Beijng, China );

2014, Sweden West East Gallery “Three Impression Exhibition”;

2013, Chinese and French Artists joint Exhibition in Fontenay, France;

2012, the 5th Asian art fair in Beijing;

2011, “Type, up and down” Art Invitational Exhibition