Paulo Canilhas

I am fascinated by the individual’s relationship within society.

It is in this context that I exist.

Along the beaten path, I allow myself to observe from a multitude of vantage points; towards the recent past or a future yet to occur. This is what inspires me- the creative moment yet to happen, laden with limitless possibilities. When I take a look at the past, I identify social and personal nuances and their direct influence on my work, and then with excitement look for what comes next. In this process I take distance from myself and view with a critical eye. Ever evolving, I search for more.

I am neither a painter nor sculptor, much less a photographer or director, but I am a little bit of everything. I don’t feel bound to one specialized art form, and this allows me to navigate free and unencumbered by norms and expectations. My goal is not to achieve perfection in any one area, but rather to explore all disciplines- joyfully challenging myself, provoking and exploring beyond any pre-conceived limits.

In my work I try to establish a connection between my reality and the reality of those who dedicate a few minutes of observation. I’m constantly searching for the vanishing point that gives diverse expression to my artistic production. This is the creative fuel that drives me ever forward.

Paulo Canilhas, Lisbon, Portugal

Solo Exhibitions:

 “A persistente ilusão do tempo” Galeria Atmosfera m
“The persistente illusion of time” RedSheep Gallery, Sweden
“Lastro” Galeria Imargem, Almada
“Quantas formas tens para contar o tempo” Galeria Solar dos Zagalos, Almada


“Lastro”, Galeria novaOgiva, Óbidos


“As pedras do caminho que faço” #2, Galeria Teatro-Cine Pombal, Pombal
“As pedras do caminho que faço” #2, Galeria Via Idea Azeitão


“As pedras do caminho que faço”, Galeria Solar dos Zagallos, Almada


“All-around”, Galeria Municipal Vieira da Silva, Parque da Cidade de Loures – Loures


“Mind the Gap”, Galeria MAC – Movimento Arte Contemporânea, R. Sol ao Rato – Lisboa


“Escuta(te)”, Galeria Municipal de Exposições, Palácio Qta. da Piedade, Vila Franca de Xira



Galeria Municipal Castelo Pirescoxe, Loures


Galeria Municipal de Abrantes, Abrantes



Galeria Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa


Galeria MAC movimento Arte Contemporânea, Av. Álvares Cabral – Lisboa

Group Exhibitions:


‘Em Trânsito’
For.Ever Art Gallery – Lisboa


Bienal de Cerveira Cerveira
Bienal de Desenho de Almada
‘7 Traços’, Baganha Galeria – Porto


‘CONTRASTES’ 11ª Exposição Coletiva Shairart
Galeria Shairart – Braga


Exposição Coletiva 20º aniversário MAC., Galeria MAC movimento Arte Contemporânea – Lisboa
4ª Exposição Coletiva Shairart, Galeria Shairart – Braga


‘Óbidos Art Challenge’, Galeria NovaOgiva


‘‘Vive-arte 2011’, Sala-Taller María Nieves Martín – Espanha


“Lisbon’Angels”, Galeria Paula Cabral. Lisboa


‘Something Different’
APW Gallery – Nova York
World of Imagination’
APW Gallery – Nova York
“Festival do Amor”
Museu Jorge Viera – Beja
Galeria da Cooperativa Árvore
Concurso de Desenho a grafite – Porto


2018 • Honourable Mention – Drawing – Almada Drawing Biennial

– Jury:
• Filipa Oliveira – Casa da Cerca’s and Artistic Director – Almada Contemporary Art Center
• João Pedro Cochofel – Visual Artist and member of the Administration of Diferença Gallery
• Louro Artur – Painter, Teacher and delegate of Imargem

2014 • Prize – Sculpture

– MAC Gallery – Contemporary Art Movement

2011 • Prize – Cultural Collaboration

– MAC Gallery – Contemporary Art Movement

2010 • Revelation Artist Award

– MAC Gallery – Contemporary Art Movement

2009 • London Calling Finalist in London – England

– Jury:
• Vanessa DesClaux – Assistant Curator of Performance, The Tate Modern, London
• Tom Morton – Curator at the Hayward Gallery, London and contributing editor at Frieze
• Francesco Manacorda – Curator at the Barbican Art Gallery, London