“Beautiful Warriors” Solo Exhibition by Shane Townley: Opening Thursday April 1, 2021

Mazlish Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Shane Townley at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Opening Thursday April 1 2021 (1-8pm) – Safe social distancing and masks are required inside the art center.

RECEPTION: Friday April 2nd, 6-9pm. Live music and wine.

ADDRESS: 51 Bergen St. in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. F or G train to Bergen St.

“This show is about all of us in 2020. Created in 2020 when I locked myself in the studio, I’m relating each of us to the betta fish, AKA “Beautiful Warriors”. Betta fish live in such a low energy form, they adapt in a small confined space. They are beautiful fish with amazing, vibrant colors, and there are over 70 different species of bettas. When they feel the need to defend their territory they have no problem fighting for it. Which in a way is what we all had to do in 2020, in one form or another. Its been a tough year but I can feel something in the world opening up again. With spring coming this also brings hope in my eyes, and I feel we will have no problem turning whatever is in our lives around for the better as long as we stay positive.” – Townley


The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the betta, is a freshwater fish native to Thailand (formerly Siam) and present in neighboring Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. While colloquially known and marketed in the global aquarium trade as the “betta”, it is one of 73 species in the genus Betta. Siamese fighting fish are among the most popular and widely available aquarium fish in the world, due to their varied and vibrant color, diverse morphology, and relatively low maintenance.

Masks required at all times. Open hearts highly recommended. 💜